Your Site Is Declining Me! Why?!

Our site will only decline you for 1 of 2 reasons:

1. Decline by Card Issuer:
      A. This can happen if the funds are not available
      B.  If you live outside the US and have never shopped with us before, you bank could be holding the funds in case of fraud! Give your bank a call and they can confirm what is going on and release the hold so the payment can go through. :)

2. Authorized by card issuer, and declined by authorizing site due to an address or zip code mismatch with the card issuer
      A. For an order to go through on our site, the billing address you enter at checkout must match what the bank has on file for you. ((IE: If you are entering DR but the bank has Drive - our site will decline you!))
      B. AVS Mis-Match - the zip code you entered for the billing address does not match what the bank has on file.

If you receive either of the above errors while at check out, give your bank a call and confirm the billing address they have on file for you, once you do that, you will be all good in the hood! ;)

If for some reason you continue to run into errors, shoot us an email ( with the last four digits of your CC and we will let you know exactly whats going on! :)


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