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How can we help protect and support our favorite SpiritHood Animals?


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  • Glassner Denise

    Awareness. I think that in the description there should be a blurb about their plight. I think that finding a legitimate organization dedicated specifically to that animal would not be hard. Verify that they are legitimate. I’m sure they would have YouTube videos posted. Link it. Encourage the tribe to watch. But not to donate. Maybe open a go fund me that tribe can watch grow. And spirit hoods can donate into the account a certain dollar amount for purchasing the hood or people can just donate without a purchase. Run a thread like this so they can post who they are and voice their support. Make it Limited edition. Maybe 3 months. Or 6. To raise more money. After that, you send, from spirit hoods, on behalf of the tribe, the full donation to the organization. That’s why I say to find one dedicated to that one specific animal. Put a special ear charm on the hood or in the liner make it known that “I support the endangered fill in the blank. People will ask. Word of mouth. People who care will talk about their plight. Maybe give a $5 credit (unannounced or random $1-$5 for people who only donate. Encourage them to pin the link about the endangered animal. Anything to spread the word. I still talk too much.


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