How do I clean my hood/coat/throw?




  • Stephanie miranda

    What about throws? Too big for a sink. Is a washing machine okay?

  • Kalani Lyon

    I would also like to know if the throws/blanket can be washed in washing machine. To buy a blanket that is this expensive, I want to be able to wash it.

  • Elliot L Amos

    I agree, what about the throws? Especially the large ones.

  • Jeanmarie Lerner

    I couldn't wash my coat in the bathtub, so I put it in the washing machine (front loader) on a gentle cycle, using cold water only. Once the spin cycle was done, I hung it up in a well ventilated room and let it air dry. It took 2 days... once it was dry, I simply gave it a little shake, and it was clean and fluffy as the day I purchased it.  Remember: heat is bad for acrylic fibers! So no hot water / no dryer.

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