How do I clean my hood/coat/throw?

We suggest spot cleaning, or hand washing in cold water + hang dry. Make sure to hang dry in a cool area with no direct sunlight / not near any heat vents. Heat WILL damage the wet faux fur!

Take a look at this great video: How to clean a hood

This is the step by step:
1. Take everything out of your pawkets & secret stash. ;)
2. Drop dat fuzz ball into the sink or bathtub COLD WATA ONLY **even warm water has the potential of turning your fluffy hood into a wild sheep** with that nice cold water, massage your magical hood, to get out all that prowltastic fun that wanted to hang on just a liiitttle bit longer!
3. Once done washing, do the hood dance shake out so its not drippppin'
4. BRUSH IT OUT, we brush it out, aaahh yea, any brush. will. do.
5. hang to dry in a cool area, with no direct sunlight / not near any heat vents (I know, you know this already, but hey! better safe than sorry)
6. once almost dry, I like to give my hood one more brush to ensure extra fluffy times
7. Spray some yummies on it, perfume, cologne, ideally not AXE ;)


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    Stephanie miranda

    What about throws? Too big for a sink. Is a washing machine okay?

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