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    katherine keator

    When are you guys releasing new designs for spirithoods? :)

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    Amanda Ferguson

    Can I get a list with pictures of all of the spirit hoods that have ever come out. I want to start an awesome collection. The college and child ones not needed.

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    When will you be restocking the Grey Wolf Jacket for men? I need that in my life lol.

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    Will you bring back any of the collectors edition that you previously made

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    Jenn Elizabeth

    Do you guys take custom orders?

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    Is there a wait list for the large grey wolf coat? Please email me back I've been waiting on that size forever.

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    Alani Crowe

    When do you restock with the wolf jacket for women? :-)

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    Tyler wilholt

    Does the black wolf infinity scarf hood have hand pockets as well? Couldn't quite tell?

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